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Alkaline Drinks : Health Benefits of Alkaline Drinks

Alkaline Drinks : Health Benefits of Alkaline Drinks

Alkaline diet is a group of related diets { Alkaline drinks } based on the belief that some selected foods can affect the acidity and pH level of bodily fluids, which also includes the urine or blood. This diet can therefore be used as curative or preventive measure for some certain diseases.

alkaline drinks health benefits of alkaline drinks

Health Benefits of Alkaline Drinks

When on a special diet like the alkaline diet it is important to know that drinks are as important as solid food. When we speak of foods in terms of diet it includes both solids and drink. So there is the need for this list of alkaline drinks you would need and also the health benefits of the drinks.

The most important thing that would help in achieving your aim in a diet plan is to include all beverages as well as solid food. A lot of drinks have very low energy values, but they should still need to be added on your total food and drink intake.

The first thing to know when on Alkaline diet, is the need to avoid substances that are high in sugar or sodium though these may not significantly affect your calorie count, they can as well contain other nutrients that might affect your health.

Alkaline Drinks List

Water: Water is good and a lot of it is recommended for anyone on the alkaline diet plan to make sure water cover over 50% of fluid intake. Infusing water with ginger or adding orange blossoms to water may help to increase the pH. In addition to these some bottled waters manufacturers now offer standard alkaline water.

Dairy : Whole milk has a high pH of about 7.33 and it is recommended for those on the acid alkaline diet. Most commercial cow’s milks, are low in fat though goat’s milk is still recommended over cow’s milk as a natural source for alkaline drinks.

Tea : While coffee and black teas are highly acidic in nature, herbal and green teas are naturally high in alkaline and good for people on alkaline diet as beverage. Whole milk and goat’s milk are all substances rich in alkaline so adding them to your tea may also increase its alkalinity.

Alkaline Fruit Drinks : Fruit drinks have highcitric acid content, both lemons and limes are natural basic though a number of other fruits such as avocados, bananas, sour cherries, tomatoes, coconuts and watermelons are also naturally basics. You would need to know that most commercially available juices may not retain their original alkaline properties, juicing such fruits or using them in smoothies can help to increase your alkaline beverage intake. Alkaline vegetables, such as carrots, celery, wheatgrass, broccoli, cucumber and zucchini can be included into your juices and smoothies as they can help to produce a drink that is both naturally alkaline yet still high in a number of vitamins and minerals.

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