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Alkaline Diet Shopping List { Grocery List }

Alkaline Diet Shopping List { Grocery List }

Today there are so many different types of diets, the problem now is that they are so
contradictory and confusing. A substance referred to as superfood today might just be the number one enemy tomorrow, and this rules continues to change all the time { that’s the reason for our alkaline diet shopping list }.
Alkaline diet shopping list alkaline diet grocery list
Going alkaline is all about balance. It is very manageable, and anyone can go alkaline. I know that the most daunting part about changing your diet and going alkaline is your first trip to the grocery store. You suddenly find yourself standing in the middle of the aisle with an empty cart, you are confused because it all seems like you’re surrounded by things that you’re not allowed to eat.

But it isn’t that tough, it just entails that your daily diet should consist of 80% foods high in alkaline the remaining can be acidic. You don’t need to aim total perfection for a start all you need is improvement. Your first trip might prove daunting but this list should help.

Alkaline Diet Shopping List / Grocery List 

Fruits : There are two basic components to look for in your fruit to tell if it is alkaline or acidic. The mineral and sugar content of the fruit. Alkaline fruits are high in minerals and low in sugar, examples are lemons, grapefruits, limes, avocados, tomatoes, coconut.

Starches : Sweet potatoes are not just high in alkaline but they are also high in Vitamin A and fiber. If want something a little heavier to feel full go for quinoa or brown rice instead.

Proteins : Adzuki beans, lentils and chickpeas are good. You should bear it in mind that Alkaline is primarily plant-based, but if you can also go for seafood such as
Pacific salmon.

Herbs, Spices, Oils, and Fats : To lose fat we need to eat some fat so don’t be wary of taking Coconut oil which contains 90% of the
fatty acids that are great for your brain
and body. Garlic is also high in alkaline and good for you.

Greens: As I said earlier Alkaline is plant based so going alkaline means going green. Watercress which is the king of green should be your top choice also kale. Arugula is a good choice but spinach is even
better to use as base of your salads. Adding Avocado and Zunuchi to your list would also help.

No Diary : Dairy is a high in acid-forming food so you have to stay away at all costs if you are going alkaline.

There you have it for ” Alkaline diet shopping list / grocery list “, share your thoughts and experience with us through the comment box and remember to like us on facebook @ or follow us on twitter @ Thanks.


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